Our Story: Kiwi Versus Morality

Welcome to the wild world of "Kiwi Versus Morality," where humour meets controversy, and Kiwiana takes center stage in a game that's as unapologetically Kiwi as it gets. The Hamilton Duo's journey began on a Monday, fuelled by passion and a thirst for creating something uniquely New Zealand.

Eliot Jessep and Ben Hawken, the dynamic duo from Hamilton, founders of Game Kings, embarked on a whirlwind adventure that would transform a mere idea into a fully-funded reality within hours. 

"We genuinely cannot believe the support we've received so far," exclaimed Jessep during a phone call with the Herald. Little did he know that, by the end of that call, they'd be celebrating the fully-funded status of the first New Zealand party game.

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The seed for this game germinated from the frequent inquiries at Game Kings for a Kiwi party game. Tired of disappointing customers with the lack of such a game, Jessep and Hawken decided to take matters into their own hands.

In just a week, from concept to crowdfunding success, the duo had a card game ready for production. Living off Red Bull and driven by a shared vision, they designed the cards and created a video late into the night, capturing the essence of "Kiwi Versus Morality."

"It's an offensive game. That's the point," Jessep emphasized, acknowledging that this game might not be for everyone. The box proudly declares it as a "party game for Kiwis and other bastards," setting the tone for an unapologetically Kiwi experience.

But how does it work? The goal is simple: finish sentences using some of the finest (and least fine) pieces of Kiwiana events ever heard of. From Paula's Panini to the Mad Butcher, 1080, David Bain, the Topp Twins, and every other Kiwi "classic" you can think of – it's a journey through New Zealand culture like never before.