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Kiwis Versus Morality

Kiwis Versus Morality

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Kiwis Versus Morality - A party game for Kiwis and other Dark Bastards.

It's back and better than ever. A quick name change, over 250 new & improved cards, a new bigger, better & stronger box, Kiwis Versus Morality is ready to bring the laughs.

Kiwi’s Versus Morality is a game for Kiwi’s who love laughing at themselves. We’re a pretty crackup nation, and this game is all about having a laugh about our more memorable moments...and some of those moments we'd probably rather not remember.

In each round of the game, one player poses a question from one of the green cards; and every other player competes to finish this sentence with the most comical Kiwiana white card they can find in their hand.

Players then vote on which answer is the funniest, and that person wins the point, keeping the green card. The player with the most question cards at the end wins!

Version 2.0 includes: 

- 100  Green Question Cards
- 400 White Answer Cards

It’s pretty simple, but it’s bloody hilarious, featuring iconic kiwi moments including Paula’s Panini, David Bain’s sweater, Shortland Street, the Mad Butcher's meat & Steven Joyce’s live TV projectiles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 342 reviews
Diane Amptmeyer

Awesome game never laugh so much playing a card game

Roger Drew
Kiwis verses Morality

Fun game, we have played it with friends and family alike, everyone has a laugh... we are going on a cruise so it will be a boredom buster when needed... Thank you for sending a new game after the original was destroyed by a dog :-)

Brenda M.

We will enjoy playing this game.

Paul V.

Great quick delivery, and great game - integrates well with cah

Tamara S.

Love this game, its so funny!